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Presentations & Publications

  1. Suarez Martinez-Falero, B., Koutalopoulou, A. Pigmentary anomaly caused by mosaic 3q22.2q29 duplication. Clin Exp Dermatol. (2022)

  2. Suarez M-Falero, B., Huntington, N., Shipman A. Zinc supplementation in the treatment of inflammatory dermatosis. Poster and oral presentation at the ESDC Annual meeting, Dubai, 25-27 November 2021

  3. Suarez M-Falero, B., Woo WA, Keohane SG. Changes in 2020 to General Medical Council guidance on consent. Clin Exp Dermatol. (2021)

  4. Woo WA, Suarez M-Falero, B., Keohane SG. Summary of the updated 2020 guidelines for cutaneous squamous cell carcinoma. Clin Exp Dermatol. (2021)

  5. Poopila, M.Z., Barbara, R., Turnbull, A.M.J., Corden, E., Suarez M-Falero, B., et al. Dupilumab-associated ocular surface disease: presentation, management and long-term sequelae. Eye (2021)

  6. Suarez Martinez-Falero B, Corden E, Belgi G, Sommerlad M., Eccles D, Fityan A. Ferguson Smith Syndrome: An unusual genetic variant and associated perineural invasion of facial keratoacanthomas. Poster presented at: EADV Annual Meeting, Madrid, 9-13 October 2019

  7. Suarez Martinez Falero B, Ardern-Jones M. Treatment resistant urticaria. Oral presentation at: Advanced therapeutics meeting September 2019, BSMD, RCP, London

  8. O’Driscoll D, Corden.E, S Martinez-Falero B,. Cave A and Ardern-Jones M (2019). Evaluation of initial experience of treatment with dupilumab for patients with severe eczema in a tertiary eczema clinic. British Journal of Dermatology 181(S1): 25-75. Poster presentation at BAD annual meeting 2019 July 2-4, Liverpool

  9. O’Driscoll D, Corden.E, S Martinez-Falero B,. Cave A and Ardern-Jones M (2019). Dupilumab, an incoming treatment for adolescents with atopic dermatitis: experience from a tertiary eczema clinic. Oral presentations. British Journal of Dermatology 181(S1): 144.

  10. Wolfe I, S Martinez-Falero B, Ardern-Jones M. Eczema flares can be mediated by oral exposure to Nickel: A systematic review. Poster presented at: British Association of Dermatologists Annual Meeting 2019 July 2-4, Liverpool

  11. S M-Falero B, Lotery H (2018). Pigmentary anomaly caused by mosaic dup (3)A (q22.2q29). British Journal of Dermatology 179(S1): 78-84. Poster presented at BAD annual meeting, Liverpool

  12. Suarez M-Falero B, Oakford M. Annular erythema of Sjogrens syndrome successfully treated with Hydroxychloroquine. Poster presented at: EADV Spring symposium, 2018 May 6-8, Budva

  13. Du X, Ung C Y, Suarez M-Falero B, Benton E, Groves R. Not so bland emollients. Poster presented at: British Association of Dermatologists Annual Meeting 2017 July 4-6, Liverpool

  14. Suarez M-Falero B, Salam A (joint authors), Navarrete-Franco G, Ross J, Rickaby W, Lanaspre E, Calonje E. The many faces of Rosai-Dorfman disease. Oral presentation at: Clinicopathological Cases Dermatology Section of the RSM 2016 January 16, London

  15. Suarez M-Falero B, Groves R, Benton E, Pink A, Semkova K, Mee J. Pemphigoid in association with lung SCC. Oral presentation at: St John´s Society meeting 2016 December 8, London

  16. Suarez M-Falero B, Gilmore R. A rare cause of susceptibility to neutropenia sepsis in a patient with metastatic pancreas cancer. BMJ Case Rep, 2014, PMID: 24700034

  17. Ali A, Lanz M, Townes C, Suarez M-Falero B, Varley C, Stanly T, Innes B, Robson W, Tyson-Capper A, Brown K, Hilton P, Southgate J, Hall J, Pickard R. The Beta-defensin-2 anti-microbial peptide protects the bladder against flagellated Escherichia coli. The Journal of Urology, 187, p.e365, April 2012

  18. Suarez M-Falero B, Ali ASM, Lanz M, Townes CL, Pickard RS, Hall J. An innate immune response is exhibited both by bladder and vaginal cells. Paper presented at: Section of academic urology BAUS 2012 January 5

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